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Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Free Download Highly Compressed

Download Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit For Pc Full Version

Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Free Download. The racing video game Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit was released in 1998. The third major chapter in the Need for Speed series features police chases as a key component of the game. Hot Pursuit is still focused on racing using unusual sports cars. Still, it also includes races that take place mainly in the interior of North America, including various settings and weather conditions. In addition, police AI is better than its predecessor, using a few tricks to stop both the player and the opponent. 

With police attention reunited in the game, the Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Video game now consists of two stages. The first is a series of standard races, similar to those featured in Need for Speed and Need for Speed II, in which a player can compete in circuit runners, knockouts, or contests against up to seven other runners (allowing the player to unlock bonus cars and tracks of the bonus). The second phase is called the “Hot Pursuit,”

The police are involved in racing; the mode allows the player to select a standard sports car to compete against one opponent on a track dispersed by the police. The PC version also contains a flexible role where players select the police version of the sports car to follow and stop all six runners before they finish the race. In the PC version of the game, completing the Hot Pursuit challenges in both roles across all game courses unlocks more police sports cars.

Gameplay of Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Highly Compressed

Two modes are introduced in Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit For Pc. Dual screen split mode allows two players to run using the same computer. “Knockout” mode consists of seven races with eight runners on randomly selected tracks. Before starting the series, the player will use these conditions, such as selected difficulty, weather, and more.

Each race consists of two rounds in which the final driver will be removed from the race list. All the other drivers advance to the next round and continue the fight until there is only one player left, who wins the championship tournament technically. The typical “Tournament” mode consists of eight rivals in a four-legged race on randomly selected tracks and selections by the player as in finish mode when the race starts. Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Torrent Download supports network play via serial port, modem, or IPX and online play with TCP / IP protocol. It also allowed the spawn installation itself to be installed on other machines.

Gameplay of Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Free Download Pc Game

Racing tracks are very varied, with arrangements ranging from wide desert valleys to home countryside and snow-capped mountains. Two other tracks in the game (Atlantica and Aquatica) host a modern and sophisticated building identified as the Electronic Arts development office. Many tracks contain one or more secret shortcuts that can dramatically change the outcome of a race. There are nine courses in the game, including Homeland, Redrock Ridge, Atlantica, Rocky Pass, Country Woods, Lost Canyons, Aquatica, and The Summit. A secret track, Empire City, needs to be unlocked (once you complete the knock mode with the initial difficulty).

It also introduces car tuning, making any handling of the car customized by adjusting the lower or higher engine shift areas and gear ratios, front or rear brake balance, slow or fast braking speed, soft or solid brakes, and low or aerodynamics high. And rain or running tires. Any of these options can be switched on to slide to give a more sensitive effect based on a percentage of the overall performance of the selected vehicle. High-speed tuning and gear tuning, for example, will result in acceleration for optimal speed. The balance of the rear-based brakes and the slow braking speed makes for a wide turn, slide, and aerodynamics provide even higher speed when you lose grip.

Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Video Game Key Features:

  • Skills – The most time-consuming time in the Need For Speed ​​play account is fully realized as two cops and runners. In the case of working on the web with friends, dealing with partner issues, or a secret player’s job, players will receive a prize that enables them to upgrade and unlock new cars, equipment, and decorations.
  • Speed Autolog Requirement – Partners call your co-worker in this Hot Pursuit. Autolog is a framework that officially associates friends with each other’s games, allowing them to come together and present all their tests, difficulties, and pictures. Autolog inevitably conveys problems based on what your partners were doing, plotting a massive antitrust action.
  • Autos – In the Hot Pursuit, the wheels go from heat to heat. Feel the speed of building amazing cars worldwide at an amazing speed. It feels the power of litigation in highly charged police interceptors like Lamborghini Reventon or breaking the law as an athlete in high-rise cars like the Pagani Zonda Cinque.
  • Weapons & Computer Hardware – Respondents Reduced by exposure to police hazards such as fragmentary fragments and providing additional assistance, including road wheels, as the chase increases. Runners have air avoidance tools to defeat police, including jammers who charge police data and spread their evidence.
  • Seacrest County – Travel through land inspired by California’s coastal plains, deserts, beaches, and mountains. Seacrest County’s open vision helps to pass the strongest times of police consistency.

Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Gameplay Screenshots

Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Free Download
Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Free Download

How To Download & Install Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit:

  • Download. 
  • Install. 
  • Enjoy.

Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit System Screenshots:

  • Operating System: Windows 98/Windows 95 0r Later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 133 MHz – With a 3D graphics accelerator
  • Memory RAM: 256 MB Recommended


Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Free Download Highly Compressed also boasts outstanding graphics support, allowing up to 1152 pixels for 864 pixels, a 16-bit in-game resolution, widescreen support, car chrome effects, and slide settings with car details and distance view. Movement sensors have also received support, providing players with an in-depth game experience by allowing them to “drive” vehicles.

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