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Tekken 4 Highly Compressed PC Game Download Full Setup

Download Tekken 4 Pc Game Full Version

Tekken 4 Pc Game Download

Tekken 4 Highly Compressed PC Game Download Full Setup. Namco has released Tekken 4, the fifth major entry in the Tekken series, as a fighting video game for the PC. A version for the arcade in 2001 and a version for the PlayStation 2 came out in 2002. The reviews for Tekken 4 have been overwhelmingly favorable. In 2005, Tekken Five, the sequel, was published. There were many gameplay changes, including a series-unique feature that allows players to roam around before a round starts and the addition of walled levels. A total of 23 characters, including six new ones, may be used. In the game’s storyline, Kazuya returns to recapture the Mishima Zaibatsu after a 20-year absence.

Gameplay of Tekken 4 Free Download For Pc

The Gameplay of Tekken 4 Full Version was drastically altered from the previous entries in the series. Players may now move about an arena, engaging with walls and other barriers to doing more damage than before. Because of these “environmental risks,” the game’s creators were able to add a “switch move,” which enabled players to avoid cornering and reverse the tide in their favor. This version of Tekken Tag Tournament has a different game engine that emphasizes the surroundings than in the original game. A completely new graphics system with better lighting, dynamic dynamics, and smoother surfaces were finally included in the game.

Tekken 4 For Pc console release features a beat-’em-up minigame called Tekken Force right out of the gate. Akin to the last Tekken 3 minigame, this one puts players into battle against Heihachi’s Tekken Force waves in four levels, with only Heihachi standing between them and victory. 

Players gain health and special abilities by defeating waves of opponents. This can be seen in the minigame, where the Tekken 4 Pc download highly compressed has varying degrees of stamina, speed, and skill. Instead of having to play in Arcade mode in order to see the cutscenes in previous games, the new Story option in this one lets you play the entire game without acquiring anything.

Tekken 4 Highly Compressed Free Download

Six months after the third King of Iron Fist Competition, scientists working for Heihachi Mishima have harvested Ogre blood and tissues to fuse with Heihachi’s DNA in order to make him invincible. Because Heihachi is devoid of the Devil gene, the test is a resounding failure. While JinKazama, the Devil gene’s bearer, has been around since the previous tournament, Heihachi hasn’t seen her since then. When Heihachi learns that the G Corporations has been holding on to his son Kazuya’s corpse for 20 years, he is furious. Kazuya possesses the Devil gene and was murdere by Heihachi by tossing him into a volcano 20 years before. Heihachi sends Tekken Forces to recover Kazuya’s remains, but the operation is thwarted when Tekken Force is destroyed by one by Kazuya, who has been revived by the G Corporation.

King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 is announce by Mishima Zaibatsu’s owner in an attempt to lure Kazuya and Jin back to his establishment. Avenging himself on Heihachi will be the focus of his son and grandson’s attendance at the event, according to his expectations. Also, The Tekken 4 Torrent Force ambushes Jin and seizes him in stage seven, which was suppose to be Jin vs. Kazuya. Stage seven passes to Kazuya by default, and the final round pits him against Heihachi. Heihachi defeats his father in a duel of wits.

With victory in the bag, Heihachi brings Kazuya to the Hon-Maru, a Mishima Dojo deep in the woods where a chain has been put around the neck of an unconscious Jin. Also, In Jin’s insults, Heihachi collapses and Jin rises to his feet. His Devil abilities awakened, as they enter the building. Kazuya transforms into the Devil and defeats Heihachi with a single blow.

Tekken 4 Gameplay Screenshots

Tekken 4 Pc Game Download
Tekken 4 Pc Game Download

Tekken 4 Pc Game Features:

  • A video game in which players must fight each other
  • The switch maneuver is now available to you
  • Improved graphics
  • Improved lighting and physics simulation
  • Combat has taken the place of Mokujin characters
  • Introduced are 23 new characters
  • There’s also a minigame called Tekken Force

Tekken 4 System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 5 processor
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard Disk: 7GB

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